12 Smart Gadgets Launched at CES 2019


Ultrasonic Scrub Device

TOUCHBeauty Ultrasonic Scrub Device provides face cleaning and massage for those with a busy lifestyle. The device uses ultrasonic vibrations to cleanse and exfoliate the skin, unclogs pores, removes impurities, and dead skin. This function efficiently cleanses the skin providing beautiful complexion with an even texture. After cleaning the skin, it’s important to massage and moisturize the face. Use the back side of the ultrasonic spatula blade to massage the skin, increases blood circulation and relieves fatigue. When used with skincare products it increases its absorption. The touch and cordless operation make this device easy to use anywhere. The beautiful and streamline design complements any beauty room.       



ATOM AR4X, included 4 AR4, is the world’s first PoE powered robotic camera set that offers fast facial and object recognition without the need of remote computers. It is the first affordable outdoor artificial intelligence security camera designed to replace conventional CCTV with its canny ability to fast recognize objects to update property owners. Amaryllo’s patented technologies allow objects such as faces, human, vehicles, animal, etc. to be indentified within seconds to eliminate 99% of the false alarm.


Shenzhen Smacircle S1

Smacircle S1 is the world’s most compact and lightweight ebike. Weighing only 15.4 lbs, carbon fiber S1 can be folded in five simple steps into a small backpack and carried wherever and whenever.


Belkin Wemo 3-Way Light Switch

The Wemo Light Switch allows you to control your home lighting from the wall, your phone or by using your voice. This smart light switch connects to your existing home WiFi network to provide wireless control of your lights – with no subscription or hub required. From porch lights to ceiling fans to recessed lighting, Wemo Light Switch can control nearly anything that a traditional light switch can. Whether you’re unwinding on the couch, working at a coffee shop, or vacationing in the Caribbean, you’ll be able to remotely control your home lighting from anywhere.


Amaryllo ATOM AR5

ATOM AR5 is an innovative floodlight security camera that employs Amaryllo’s fast recognition technologies such that it can indentify face, human, and vehicle to dispatch alert when it matters the most. Conventional outdoor floodlight security cameras are subject to environmental influence, generating a number of false alarms. With AR5’s patented technologies, only spotted human and vehicles will be alerted to property owners.


PowerFilm Solar LightSaver Max

The LightSaver Max is the most powerful and portable solar solution in its class. An integrated 18,000 mAh battery means you can use the Max anytime or anywhere, day or night. Your devices can charge even when the panel is closed, away from sunlight, or indoors, so use it whenever it’s convenient for you!



Lumen is the first device that hacks your metabolism in a single breath. Founded in 2014, Lumen leverages personal metabolic data to transform the weight loss experience. Coupled with a free iOS and Android app, users receive personalized daily nutritional guidance to help them reach their weight loss and fitness goals. Lumen was invented by health researchers and a team of world-class entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers with a passion for solving real-world health and fitness problem.

Ohmni Supercam

The Ohmni telepresence robot, assembled in the U.S.A., lets you have an efficient, instant presence where you need to be; saving you time and energy and money.   Whether you need to check up on and spend more time with elderly family members, view your remote warehouse, visit friends from across the globe, or attend business meetings without traveling, an Ohmni at the location you need provides you with a physical presence and total control over what you see and hear.  And the 10.8″ screen and included speaker lets your coworkers and other loved ones see and hear YOU.

Borderless CrossHelmet X1

CrossHelmet X1 offers is a 360º range of vision combined with a head-up display, sound management and Bluetooth connectivity for group talks and smarthphone synchronisation so you can use Siri or Google Assistant. In other words, apart of being able to see all around you while keeping your eyes on the road, the head-up display provides the rider with plenty of information such GPS navigation or weather forecast. It also allows the rider to mute noises such as wind, loud exhausts and annoying urban noises.

Promobot V.4

Promobot is an autonomous service robot for your business. It is designed to work in crowded spaces, where, by moving autonomously, it helps people with navigation, communicates and answers any questions, shows promotional materials and remembers everyone with whom it interacted. Thanks to the full autonomy, the Promobot is able to work as an administrator, promoter, host, or a museum guide. It can operate in cinemas, museums, shopping malls, business centers, convention centers and exhibition halls, as well as other crowded places. The application of this technology can increase the quality of service, customer loyalty and financial performance of companies where these robots operate.

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Ashley Chloe Ensembl

The Ashley Chloe Ensembl is a series of plastic discs sat atop a rose gold and cream plastic cylinder that could replace the Echo in your home. The idea is that, at its heart, it’s a stylish smart speaker that can work with one or two of the major voice assistant platforms. But on top of that, users could slap on a number of accessories, including a 360-degree IP camera for home security or a glowing lantern disc for use outside at night. If you’re feeling even more flush, you could splash out on a pico projector disc for movie night, a QI charging base or a battery for taking the speaker on the go.


Educational Insights Artie 3000™

Artie 3000 is a drawing robot that helps kids learn to code. They can imagine simple or complex drawings and designs, and translate them into “drag and drop” code on any device. Kids then get to experience the payoff of watching Artie draw what’s been coded, line by line, moving forward, backward, and spinning in any direction while lifting and lowering four thin-tip, colored markers. With a built-in WiFi server, Artie is compatible with any desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart device with no need for an internet connection to play. In addition to freeform coding, Artie comes pre-programmed with a variety of designs like numbers and letters, shapes, games, and line-art for coloring.


ENERGEN DroneMax 360

The ENERGEN DroneMax 360 solves that problem, providing an easy and fast way to charge drone batteries, your controller, phone, iPad or even a computer. This smart charger can charge various drone batteries and it can even charge a 3 cell battery and a 4 cell battery at the same time. It’s perfect for helping a friend charge up when they go out to fly with you. World’s 1st portable drone battery charging station, your total power and drone charging solution. Customized for 3-cell drone batteries (DJI Mavic Pro / Yuneec Typhoon 4K) and 4-cell drone batteries (Phantom 3 series, Phantom 4 series / Yuneec Typhoon H). Recharge 4 drone batteries simultaneously / Recharge a drone battery more than 4 times. Dual USB ports with Quick Charge 3.0 provide fast charging to your Mavic Pro remote control, smartphones, tables, cameras and other USB devices.Durable and portable design. Aluminum enclosure for maximum heat dissipation. Rubber bumper for extra protection against the environment.

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