Galaxy S11 Will Fix Use Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner Following Security Scare

Samsung may discontinue the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on its upcoming Galaxy S11 series following a security flaw that hit in October a new report now suggests that Samsung might ditch a popular feature from its next-gen flagship smartphone following a recent security scare.  The X-Lab team leader, Chen Yu, asked random audience members to touch a glass. The fingerprints left behind were then photographed using a smartphone and passed through an app that the hackers have developed. Although the precise methodology was not revealed, the app is thought to extract the data required to clone a fingerprint, presumably using a 3D printer.

While Samsung was quick to fix this issue, the problem created a major headache for both the company and end-consumers after many financial and security applications proactively blocked the use of the fingerprint scanners on the affected phones, forcing people to use pins or patterns for their own security.

While Samsung was quick to fix this issue, the damage had been done. Not only the security measures of a Samsung flagship had been ridiculed, a lot of financial and security applications blocked the use of the fingerprint scanners on the affected phones.

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That being the case, it won’t be a major surprise if the company goes back to optical in-display scanners, or even use the tried and tested physical fingerprint scanners in its next-gen flagship smartphones. Another option may be to just drop the fingerprint scanner altogether. Apple did that several years ago with the iPhone X, and Google did it with the Pixel 4 and 4 XL.

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