Google’s next version of Assistant going to be more faster

An early demonstration of the more robust Google Assistant was shown Tuesday at Google I/O 2019, the company’s annual developer conference.

A main feature is that users will no longer have to exclaim “Hey Google” for every question or task. Instead, a user can make a variety of requests after the initial “Hey Google” wake command. The new feature, Google CEO Sundar Pichai explained to the assembled crowd, will work very much like the current phone-based reservation system: users simply open Assistant and, in the case of renting a car from National, say “book me a car through National.”

This “next generation Assistant” as Google VP of Engineering, Scott Huffman describes it, is so fast that it operates in real time. In the subsequent demo, a Google employee activated the Assistant and then rattled off a litany of commands and request, which the system handled without a hiccup. It also enabled the employee to quickly look up information and multitask between apps without having to flip back and forth between various screens.

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During a recen demo, Google demanostratedhow the next-gen version of Assistant could be used not only for basic searches and setting alarms, but also to operate your phone — composing a message to a friend, searching for a picture to attach, and sending it off, for example.

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