WhatsApp Update: Three Features Include Text Reminders, Group Invites, Blocking

WhatsApp is continuously making its app more strong and in its recent update, WhatsApp has added three new features update including group invite blocking and text reminders. Last week a reminder application called Any.do has announced its partnership with WhatsApp for the adding new reminder feature. With this new reminders tool, users will be able to create and receive alerts inside WhatsApp. This will not be a free feature and the user may be charged $5.99 per month to get this premium feature.

The new features are:

Group Invites: We have seen that anonymous user pull other WhatsApp users in the group created by them without any permission, so now the messaging app has developed a way to block anyone from adding you to groups without your permission.

But by changing your account to private, this will no longer happen. To implement the change, go to WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups.

WhatsApp reminders: Any.do said: “Introducing Any.do’s WhatsApp Reminders integration. A fast and easy way to create tasks & reminders straight from your ongoing conversations!

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“Easily create tasks and get reminders in WhatsApp on any supported device. Create a task by sending a direct message to Any.do or forward a message to Any.do from any of your contacts.

WhatsApp call waiting: It was very annoying that WhatsApp user wouldn’t alert you if they are on call with someone. With this new feature now if you’re on the phone with a contact and someone else tries to call you a notification will appear at the top of your device.

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